TSPSC Group 1 Hall ticket Download 2022

TSPSC Group 1 Hall ticket Download 2022: Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) Group I services Hall Ticket Download from the official website tspsc.gov.in. In this article, we discuss about How to Download the Hall Ticket for the Group 1 services Exam 2022.

TSPSC Group 1 Prelims Question Paper 2022 with Answer Key

For the GROUP-I SERVICES ( GENERAL RECRUITMENT) 2022 for the Notification No. : 04/2022 DATED.26/04/2022. Download Hall-Ticket by using the credentials to attend the examination that will be conducted all over the centers of Telangana State.

Candidates can Download the TSPSC Group 1 Services Hall Ticket using TSPSC ID and Date of birth. This hall ticket is very essential for getting in to the Examination Hall and write the Examination.

TSPSC Group 1 Hall ticket Download 2022

How the Download TSPSC Group 1 Hall Ticket

  • Visit the following link of tspsc.gov.in
  • Enter TSPSC ID
  • Select Date of Birth that you had mentioned during the registration
  • Enter the captcha
  • Click on Download PDF

Also check the TSPSC Group 1 Model OMR Sheet by following the link.

You must fill this OMR sheet and answer to the Questions during the Examination.

Guidelines for TSPSC Group 1 Examination

  • 1. The Hall Ticket must be presented for entry into the examination hall along with atleast one original valid Photo identification card issued by Government i.e., Passport, Pan Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Government Employee ID or Driving License, etc
  • 2. This Hall Ticket is valid only if the images of photograph and signature of candidate are legible. To ensure this, print the Hall Ticket on A4 sized paper using a laser printer, preferably a colour photo printer. If the Hall Ticket is without photo or without signature, he/she should bring 3 passport size photos duly attested by a gazetted officer along with an undertaking and handover to the invigilator in the examination hall, failing which the candidate will not be admitted to the examination.
  • 3. Candidate is allowed inside the test centre from 8:30 AM onwards. The test centre gate will be closed by 10:15 AM. NO CANDIDATE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE EXAMINATION CENTRE AFTER CLOSING THE GATE. Candidate is advised to check the location of examination centre at least one day in advance and also reach the examination centre early to avoid last minute rush.
  • 4. Candidate will be permitted to appear for the examination ONLY after verification of credentials by centre officials & after frisking to ensure that no prohibited articles are carried.
  • 5. Candidates are not allowed to bring calculators, mathematical tables, log books, pagers, cell phones, tablets, pen drives, Bluetooth devices, watch, log tables, wallet, hand bags, writing pads, notes, charts, loose sheets or any other gadgets or recording instruments strapped on their body or pockets. Possession of the same will lead to invalidation of candidature for the Exam. Candidate is instructed to wear only Chappal and not shoes.
TSPSC Group 1 Services Guidelines
  • 6. There may not be a guaranteed security facility for safe-keeping of valuable devices or personal belongings outside the examination hall. So avoid bringing such valuables which are not allowed in the examination centre.
  • 7. The check-in procedure inside the test hall includes thumbprint of candidates. This is a security feature which will allow TSPSC to verify identity and also to check impersonation by any candidate. Therefore, candidate is advised not to apply any external material like Mehandi, Ink, Tatoos etc. on their Hands/Feet.
  • 8. The candidate should satisfy the invigilator of his/her identity with reference to the signature and photograph available on the Hall Ticket & Nominal Roll through valid photo identity documents like PAN Card, Aadhaar Card etc. In case of impersonation an F.I.R will be lodged with Police Station concerned apart from disqualifying his/her candidature.
  • 9. Please check the OMR Answer sheet and read the instructions on it as well as on Test booklet carefully. You should use ball point pen (blue/black) to fill and encode the required particulars i.e., Hall Ticket Number, Test Booklet number and Venue Code on the OMR Answer sheet correctly. Failure to encode/wrong encoding of Hall Ticket No. will lead to invalidation of OMR Answer Sheet. Writing with Ink pen or any other writing devices at wrong places will also lead to invalidation of your OMR Answer sheet.
  • 10. Please check the Test Booklet immediately on opening and ensure that it contains all the 150 multiple choice questions printed on it.
  • 11. If there is any defect in the Test Booklet or OMR answer sheet, please ask the invigilator for replacement immediately.
  • 12. The Test Booklet number is printed on right corner of the cover page of the Test Booklet. Mark your Test Booklet number on side 1 of the OMR Answer Sheet by darkening the appropriate circles with Blue/Black ball point pen.

TSPSC Group 1 Hall ticket Download 2022

  • If you have not darkened the Test Booklet number at side 1 of the OMR Answer Sheet your Answer Sheet will be invalidated without any further notice. If it is darkened in a way that it leads to discrepancy in determining the exact Test Booklet number, then it may lead to wrong result / rejection of the Answer sheet and candidate himself / herself will be responsible for the same.
  • 13. Candidate should put his/her signature and get the signature of the invigilator at the appropriate place in
    the OMR Answer sheet.
  • 14. Candidate has to bubble the answers on the OMR Answer sheet with Ball Point pen (Blue / Black) only as the optical mark scanner system scans properly darkened circles only. Bubbling by Pencil / Ink pen / Gel Pen is not permitted in the examination and such OMR Answer sheet would be invalidated.
  • 15. Candidate should not mark answer choices on the Test Booklet (Question paper) under any circumstances.
  • 16. The OMR answer sheet will be invalidated if the candidate writes the Hall Ticket Number in any other place of OMR sheet except in the space provided for the purpose. Writing Symbols or any type of identification marks etc on OMR Sheet will also lead to invalidation.
  • 18. Candidates are prohibited from communicating, consulting, conversing with other candidates or adopting agitation tactics in and around the Examination hall such as raising of slogans, causing disturbance in any manner whatsoever during the Examination. Candidates are not permitted to borrow any item from other candidates in the Examination Hall. In case of any disturbance, such candidates will be disqualified.

TSPSC Group 1 Hall ticket Download 2022

  • 19. The candidates are expected to behave in orderly and disciplined manner while writing the examination. In case of disorder / rowdy behavior / trying to use unfair means during examination, an F.I.R will be lodged with Police Station concerned apart from disqualifying his/her candidature.
  • 20. No candidate should leave the Examination hall until the completion of examination time. Before leaving the Examination hall, the candidate should hand over the OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator failing which Penal action will be initiated besides rejecting the candidature for this examination. However Candidates are permitted to take away the question paper after completion of the examination.
  • 21. The digital copy of OMR sheet will be made available in the Commission’s website after completion of the image scanning.
  • 22. The candidates must note that those who applied under equivalence of qualification are admitted subject to verification of a qualification and other eligibility criteria & satisfaction of the Commission. Therefore admission to this Written Test is strictly “Provisional”.
  • 23. Any Infringement of the above instructions shall entail disciplinary action on the candidate which may include debarment from appearing for any other examinations of TSPSC & other Public Service Commissions in the Country besides cancellation of candidature to this Recruitment. The Penal Provisions of Telangana Public Examinations (Prevention of Malpractice and unfair means) Act, 1997 (Act No.25/1997 published in State Gazette No. 35, `Part-IV-B Extraordinary dated: 21/08/1997) (as adapted by the Telangana Adaptation of Laws Order, 2016) will be invoked if malpractice or unfair means are noticed at any stage of the Recruitment.
  • 24. Admission to the Examination is provisional, subject to the confirmation / satisfaction of conditions of Notification No. 04/2022, dated: 26/04/2022 and also subject to satisfying the eligibility criteria and verification of required certificates at a later stage. Admission / Appearing to the Examination does not confer ipso facto any right for recruitment / selection.
  • 25. Hall Ticket must be preserved by the candidate till the final conclusion of the process of Recruitment.
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