TSPSC Civil Dental Assistant Surgeons Edit Option Tutors & Lecturers

TSPSC Civil Dental Assistant Surgeons Edit Option Tutors & Lecturers


Civil Assistant Surgeons (Specialist)( 40/2017) Dental Assistant Surgeons (41/2017) in Telangana Vaidya Vidana Parishad

Tutors (42/2017) & Lecturers in Radiological Physics and Physicist (43/2017) in Director of Medical Education

Civil Assistant Surgeons (44/2017) & Assistant Physiotherapist (45/2017) in Insurance Medical Service

The candidates, who have applied for the above recruitments, are hereby informed that in recent recruitments it is observed that, the candidates are often committing mistakes in filling Bio data in their respective applications and requesting TSPSC for Bio data corrections in their respective PDF applications. But it is not feasible for TSPSC to make corrections in candidate’s respective applications, as it is the candidate’s responsibility to fill the application form correctly.

In view of the above, it is decided to give an opportunity to the candidates to correct their wrongly entered data by way of using Edit Option. In this regard, the candidates are directed to go through the following instructions.

1. Candidates are strictly informed that this Edit Option will be considered for one time only. Hence, the candidate should exercise utmost care while using Edit Option as this Data will be considered up to final selection.

2. The candidates are instructed to view their Bio-data in PDF which is made available to him to easily identify the wrongly entered data that he entered in his/her respective application; candidates may download their corrected PDF for future reference.

The candidates are directed to use this facility from 13/10/20017 to 15 /10/2017.


  • If any Biodata Corrections , first Update your OTR and Submit your Edit Application

Follow the steps given below to edit your Application of Forest Beat Officer

  • Enter your TSPSC Id
  • Select your Date of Birth
  • Enter your Journal No
  • Enter the Verification Code as displayed in the image
  • Click on Proceed Button

Edit Application for TUTORS

Edit Application for Lecturers

Edit Application for Civil Assistant Surgeon

Edit Application for Assistant Physiotherapist

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