TS PSC TRT SGT 2017 Science Syllabus

TS PSC TRT SGT 2017 Science Syllabus

TS PSC TRT Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) 2017 Science subject Syllabus for Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada Medium.

TS PSC TRT SGT 2017 Science Syllabus

Part – VI
SCIENCE (Marks: 09)

1. Science in everyday life: science institutes and branches: What is science, science and change, science in daily life, contribution of scientists, national institutes of science, different branches of science. Scientific method, process skills, communicating science, safety in science.

2. Living World:
a) Plant life: Classification of plants, cell- the basic unit of life. Parts of typical plant, plant parts and functions: photo synthesis, respiration, transpiration, reproduction, seed dispersal, wild and cultivated plants, plant diseases, cloning, economic importance of plants- fibre to fabric
b) Animal life:
Classification of animals, cell- the basic unit of life. Types of animals: wild and domestic- respiration– reproduction in animals– life cycle of mosquito, house fly and frog, cloning, economic importance of animals-animal fibre, parts used in taking food in animals & birds, animal colonies. Human body- body parts, sense organs, human systems, health, hygiene and sanitation, diseases prevention and control safety and first aid, adolescence.
c) Microbial World.
Invention of microscope- discovery of microorganisms, classification of microorganisms its observation, types of microorganisms, useful and harmful micro organisms.

3. Our Environment
Biotic and abiotic, conservation of environment, weather and climate, different ecosystem, soil – our life, forest – our life, biodiversity and its conservation. Types of pollution and its effects – controlling measures – green house effect, ozone depletion, deforestation, human activities. Natural Resources and calamities air, water its composition; biodegradable waste.

4. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
Agricultural equipment and operations, kinds of crops and separation of substances , crop diseases and pest control measures, places where different crops grown in Telangana, sustainable farming, sericulture, pisciculture, breeding of cows & buffaloes, dairy farm, poultry farm, movements in animals.

5. Food and Shelter
(a) History of food and nutrition – types of food, nutrients, food habits, methods of preparing food, storage and preservation of food, balanced diet, food production from plants and animals.
(b) Shelter Habitat: types of habitat – social life in ants and honeybees, shelter variations in animals, electrical appliances, diversity of habitats.
(c) Work and Play Occupations and child labour, types of play, games, sports and its advantages and disadvantages.

6. Our Universe: Constellations, Zodiac, Solar System Stars, Meteors and Comets

7. Measurement: Systems of Measurement, Units of Measurements, Measurement of Length, Triangulation Method of measuring long distances, Measuring Instruments, Vernier calipers, Measurement of Area, Volume,
Time, Measurement of Mass and Density

8. Natural Resources– Air and Water: Air its Composition, Measurement of Atmospheric Pressure , Air Pollution, Green House Effect, Volumetric Composition of Water, Hardness of Water, Drinking Water, Water Pollution, Wind, Rainfall, Cyclones, Pascal’s Law, Archimedes Principle, Boyle’s Law, Bernouli’s Principle

9. Natural Phenomena: Light: Sources & Nature of Light, Propagation of Light, Reflection, Refraction, Laws of Reflection, Image formed by a Plane Mirror, Reflection on Spherical Mirrors, Refraction. Sound: Sound-kinds of waves, Propagation of sound, Sound Reflection, Sound Pollution, Transmission of Sound, Musical Instruments. Heat: Sources of Heat, Transmission of Heat, Heat and Temperature, Units & their Measurement, Measuring Instruments, Effects of Heat- Expansion of solids, liquids, gases, Change of State

10. Mechanics, Kinematics and Dynamics: Motion-Types of Motion, Speed, Velocity, Scalars and Vectors, Acceleration, Newton’s law’s of Motion, Centre of Gravity, Stability, Applications

11. Magnetism: Natural Magnets and Artificial Magnets, Properties of Magnets, Magnetic Induction.

12. Electricity: Static Electricity, Primary Cells, Electric circuits, Torch Light, Effects of Electric Current, Magnetic, Chemical & Heating Effects of Electric Current

13. Modern World – Instruments: Computer-Parts & Uses, Telephone, Wireless System-Radio Broad Casting, Television, Recording and Reproduction of Sound, Magnetic Recording and Reproduction, Cine projector

14. Action of Heat on Substances & Types of Chemical changes: Action of Heat , Differences between Physical and Chemical change, Types of chemical changes

15. Symbols, Formulae and Equations: Symbols and formulae, Radicals and their formulae, Chemical equation, Meaning, Calculations based on equations and relationship of reactants and products by weights.

16. Laws of Chemical Combination: Law of conservation of mass, Law of definite proportions, Law of multiple proportions.

17. Water and its Constituents: Volumetric composition of water, Industrial and other uses of water, Laboratory preparation of Hydrogen, Properties of Hydrogen, Uses of Hydrogen, Laboratory preparation of Oxygen, Properties
of Oxygen, Uses of Oxygen.

18. Sulphur and its Compounds: Extraction of Sulphur, Its Allotropic forms, Physical and Chemical properties & Uses, Preparation of Sulphur dioxide, Manufacture, Properties & Uses of Sulphuric acid, Laboratory preparation of
Hydrogen Sulphide, Properties of Hydrogen Sulphide.

19. Nitrogen and its Compounds: Manufacture of Nitrogen gas from Air, Laboratory preparation, Properties & Uses of Nitrogen, Compounds of Nitrogen: Ammonia, Ammonium Salts, Nitric Acid, Properties & Uses of Nitric
Acid, Fixation of Nitrogen and Nitrogen cycle, Tests for Nitrates.

20. Phosphorus and its Compounds: Occurrence of Phosphorus, Electrical Process, Properties & Uses of Phosphorus, Compounds of Phosphorus.

21. Common Salt and its Constituents: Common Salt, Electrolysis of brine, Chlorine, Properties of Chlorine, Uses of Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride

TS PSC TRT Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) 2017 Science subject Syllabus for Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada Medium.

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